About Beth

Hi! My name is Beth and I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband, two sons, and one anxiety-ridden coonhound. I work full-time in a large hospital system in the area. While I always wanted to find a group of moms who I could identify with, this never naturally happened for me in real life. When I saw the P+P group description posted on a local Facebook page I immediately filled out the “application”, not knowing what to expect and instantly feeling inadequate because I couldn’t find creative, funny words to sell myself to the group. I went to the first meeting not knowing what to expect but I was committed to at least show up and be genuine, after all, what did I have to lose? These people were strangers and the worst that could happen was that I’d have a drink and go home (still an exciting night out in my book). While I didn’t have a lot in common with these women on paper, I found that we had shared something much deeper. We found common ground in the desire to practice growth, compassion, self-love and truth, as well as laugh and let off some steam over a few drinks.

I write in this space to share my experiences with the group and to hopefully expand this truly good thing that I’ve found. Underneath parenting styles and lifestyle choices there is a philosophy that we all share in P+P. We all want to be our best selves for ourselves, our children and our families, but often we struggle. We occasionally crawl instead of sprint, but are all heading in the same direction. P+P serves as a place of safety, truth, and empowerment for me, and I’d like it to become that for you, too. Nice to meet you, welcome P+P.

You can find Beth…

Frantically making to-do and shopping lists

Listening to podcasts (JRE, Sam Harris, Generation Why, Savage Love, YMHP, Race Wars)

Listening to music (Fleet Foxes, Radiohead, The National, etc)

Baking bread, reading about baking bread, dreaming about bread

Trying to keep up with my 2 boys

Drinking beer and wine

Laughing at the hot mess that is our life with my husband

In my happy place (meditating or on the yoga mat)