About Karly

Hello, Loves! And hello, my 30’s. Life has a way of surprising you (aka knocking you on your ass) doesn’t it? High school did a thoroughly inadequate job at preparing me to be an adult. No one taught me how to work through a serious and very necessary caffeine addiction- because umm children. I was never taught the KonMari method- because anything i have to fold or put away just isn’t sparking much joy at the moment. And dammit, no one ever taught me how to care for tiny human beings, and I’m not talking diaper changes, I’m talking about creating responsible, feminist, loving, kind, contributors to society. A manual please?!? And no one prepared me for a full blown 1/3 life existential crisis- the crisis of having lost myself amidst all of the children, and laundry, and needs. But i am hell bent on seeking, growing, and thriving in this one precious and beautiful life i was given and doing it in a community of friends who are all doing the same. Finding ourselves, together.
Nice to meet you, my friend.

You can find Karly…

Writing really long instagram posts about the latest thing that inspired her- because humanity really is beautiful.

Writing, always writing, completely lost in writing, finding her sanity in writing.

Having deep conversations with strangers- because what IS the meaning of life?

Having deep conversations with friends about the meaning of life.

Sitting on her porch, alone, contemplating the meaning of life.

Reading about the meaning of life.

Feeding and watering 1 dog, 2 cats, and 3 children.

Pretending to care about the super hero’s that her 8 year old literally will not stop talking about, like ever.

Laughing at her own jokes, “If not me, then who…”

Telling people about essential oil

Having kick ass dance parties with her tiny humans.