P+P- the gathering

Will you join us?

We are a kick-ass online community for moms who are tired of just “getting by,” who want move beyond surviving and into to thriving. Feeling more alive, right where we are.

We believe that finding “yourself” again after having children is not only possible but vital to the health of our relationships to our families, our children, our partners, our co-workers, our friends, basically any relationship we are ever in, and most importantly to ourselves. Everyone benefits when mommy doesn’t wake up every day wondering who the hell is she, and how the hell she ended up here (although getting to that point seems like an inevitable step toward finding yourself again. Catch 22, huh?). And we think that one of the best ways to start this journey of self-rediscovery is to have a community of women who are trying to do that exact same thing. Danielle LaPorte says “When one woman goes to therapy, we all go to therapy.”

We wholeheartedly believe that every mother should have a community that gives her…

  • Support.
  • Growth.
  • A positive environment.
  • Authenticity; a place where she can ask real questions, and give real answers.
  • Togetherness, not a community that focuses on what separates us.
  • A judgement-free-zone where she’s free to use profanity much as she likes, without apologizing.
  • A break… because you totally deserve one!

You might be thinking: “If a community like that exists, sign me up!’ Good news, my love, it does!!! P+P is here to offer you that safe space to thrive.

At P+P we do…

  1. LOVE– Love is at the heart of everything we do. We are from all walks of life and we don’t have to like everybody but we always want to practice love and kindness to those around us.
  2. VALIDATION– This is paramount. We come from different back grounds and have different stories to tell. And while it’s impossible for everyone to come completely judgement- and prejudice-free, it’s going to be really important for us to recognize our own inclinations towards judgement, and then validate our friends anyway.
  3. HONESTY– Honesty can be a really scary thing (especially with a group of strangers), but it’s critical to creating meaningful, authentic relationships. And if you’re joining this group, thats what you’re after, right?
  4. LAUGHTER AND TEARS– Lets laugh. Lets laugh a lot! Because sometimes we need something to counter all the crying we will probably do together. Growth is hard, laughter is our sunshine.
  5. UNSERIOUSNESS– This term (coined by a 7-year-old) means: the act of having once taken yourself very seriously, and then having realized that we’ve all done things like forget our children’s birthdays, forget our actual children, walk around with our skirt stuck in our panties, not showered for more days than we would like to admit, or sent that scathing text accidentally to the person we were scathing about. Yup! Lets take a heavy dose of unseriousness together and just laugh it off (or cry, we could totally cry too)!!
  6. CONFIDENTIALITY– When you bare your soul, it’s incredibly important that nobody outside of the group finds out. We are taking a vowel of secrecy to ensure that nothing that happens in our group is made known to anyone outside. Our secrets are safe here.

At P+P we are not…

  1. POLITICAL– We all have our opinions, but lets do our best to keep political talk out of the group
  2. BOYS– If you identify as male, this group is not for you! You’re totally welcome to start your own group, though! (Hmmm….maybe “Beards and Boxers” would be a good name for you?!)
  3. ASSHOLES– That’s our one big rule. Don’t break it.

What can you expect to see in our online community?

  • Live discussions
  • Interviews
  • A virtual book club (prepare to delve into the ever-amazing BrenĂ© Brown)
  • Adventure challenges (don’t worry, all participation is optional)

If this sounds like a community that you would like to support and be supported in, please fill out the form below. Once your answers are submitted, you will be sent a link to our secret Facebook group and you will be approved.